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With deinHalteverbot.de you can provide a parking space where and when you want.As a private person or company, you can use our service to set up your hold ban in a full-service offer.You do not need to worry about anything, just place your order and we'll do the rest.

YourHalteverbot.de collects the regulatory approvals, sets up the no-hold signs and picks them up again - and the Falschparker can even be towed if necessary. Enjoy the many benefits of a proper stop.
We request and create all the necessary documents to keep your parking space guaranteed. You will receive the required documents by e-mail before the validity of your no-stop zone, so that you can have your parked cars towed in your no-stop zone as needed.Because not only the installation of the signs is important, but also the logging of the lineup with an installation log.The installation log serves as proof of the parked cars during the installation of the no-parking signs. This will also prove later that the parked car has parked in your no-parking zone after being set up.You also receive the official approval in advance by e-mail.

Order your holding ban online now and the place is yours.


Order your holding ban online now and the place is yours.


Order your holdig ban online now and the place is yours.


Order your holding ban online now and the place is yours.

Only with a professionally established and approved stopping ban you have the guarantee of a parking space. So you not only save unnecessary carrying, but time and money and avoid any fines.

Such fines may be incurred if "self-erecting" signs prohibit traffic from being obstructed because they constitute an unauthorized interference with road traffic.

A stop is not your stop. When setting up your no-stopping zone, the requirements of the respective city must be taken into account. So height and also the distance between the no-stop signs must be correct and these requirements are different from city to city. If one of the specifications is not adhered to correctly, vehicles can not be towed in an emergency.

There are many good reasons to set up your no-hold zone expertly. Therefore, do not hesitate for a long time and enjoy the benefits of our full service and park like a pro on deinHalteverbot.de.

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